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What happens when I delete my account? 

When you choose to delete your account, we will cancel your subscription and erase all your data from our servers, which includes but is not limited to your links, traffic data, pixels, and associated information.

Can I upgrade my account at any time? 

Certainly! You can start with our free package and at any point, upgrade to enjoy premium features.

How will I be charged? 

You will be charged automatically at the beginning of each billing cycle until you decide to cancel.

How do refunds work? 

Upon request, we will issue a refund for all upcoming billing cycles at the moment of the request.

What is Quora Pixel? 

Quora Pixel is a tool that you can add to your website's code for tracking traffic and conversions. By using the Quora Pixel, you can identify the number of people visiting your website and track their actions, such as clicking on ads.

For example, Quora Pixel could look like: 1a79a4d60de6718e8e5b326e338ae533

What is AdRoll Pixel? 

The AdRoll Pixel is generated when you create an AdRoll account and has two components: the Advertiser ID or adroll_adv_id (X) and Pixel ID or adroll_pix_id (Y). To use the AdRoll Pixel, merge these two components together, separated by a slash (/).

For example, AdRoll Pixel could look like: adroll_adv_id/adroll_pix_id

What is Twitter Pixel? 

Twitter Pixel allows you to track the actions users take after viewing or engaging with your ads on Twitter. This conversion tracking for websites measures your return on investment.

For example, Twitter Pixel could look like: 123456789

What is Google Tag Manager Pixel?

Google Tag Manager allows you to merge multiple pixels into one, simplifying the tracking process. It's crucial to enter the correct "Container ID" to ensure events are tracked properly.

For example, Google Tag Manager Pixel could look like: GTM-ABC123DE

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook pixel facilitates conversion tracking, optimization, and remarketing. The pixel ID typically comprises 16 digits, and it's important to ensure the correct value is entered for effective event tracking.

For example, Facebook Pixel could look like: 1234567890123456

What is Google Adwords Conversion Pixel?

AdWords conversion tracking enables you to measure how effectively your ad clicks lead to valuable customer activity. The Adwords pixel ID typically consists of AW, followed by 11 digits, and then 19 mixed characters. It's essential to input the correct value for proper event tracking.

For example, Google Adwords Conversion Pixel could look like: AW-12345678901/ABCDEFGHIJKLMOPQRST

What is LinkedIn Insight Pixel?

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is lightweight JavaScript code that you can add to your website to access detailed campaign reports and gain valuable insights about your website visitors. You can use the LinkedIn Insight Tag to track conversions, retarget website visitors, and gain additional insights about members interacting with your ads.

For example, LinkedIn Insight Pixel could look like this: 123456

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